Monday, 27 March 2017

Box dies from tattered lace, some different ideas i used

Box die used from tattered lace and i decorated it with paper flowers and others.
Matt and layered card and added pearls around .

 This is the same die used but i made it into a pin custion by added some 'stuffing' into the top and covered with material, used glue gun to secure, Looks difficult but really quite easy to do as you have all the pieces from the die.
 Little scissors are another die which i have from tattered lace.

 Another idea to change the look again of the box.

Making it more Christmas with some foam glue and glitter and added white dots around
the bows are another die which i have(tattered lace again used) 
 i used a letterbox die and cut out from the sides and cut another letterbox out of red then set back into recess glued on the back all this is done before box is folded.